The Arizona Legislature adopted House Bill 2246 (pdf/32kb/6pp) allowing the sale and use of consumer fireworks throughout the state of Arizona effective Dec. 1, 2010.    

This legislation pre-empts local jurisdictions from banning the sale but does allow for cities or towns to prohibit the use of consumer fireworks within their boundaries or city limits.

Listed below are general guidelines and information for Scottsdale residents, businesses and fireworks vendors.  If you have specific questions that are not addressed below, please call (480) 312-1855.   

Fireworks Ordinance

On Nov. 9, 2010, the Scottsdale City Council adopted a new ordinance that prohibits the use of consumer fireworks within city of Scottsdale limits.

The ordinance also sets penalties and liability related to the use of fireworks, and requires businesses selling consumer fireworks to display signage advising the use of such items is not allowed within city limits. 

permits, guidelines and vendor information

Fireworks are classified in three categories: 1) Professional use aerial types; 2) Consumer grade fireworks; and 3) Novelty items. Professional use aerial fireworks are what you see used in large July 4 and New Year's events. They are not allowed to be sold to anyone that is not licensed for their use. By definition, permissible Consumer fireworks cannot leave the ground and fly into the air. Most are made to be set on the ground and ignited in a controlled setting. Some are hand-held devices. All have clearly marked manufacturer guidelines for their proper use and all are required to be used outdoors. Novelty items are small devices that are allowed to be sold and used at anytime. Novelty items include smoke balls, poppers, and small wire sparklers. Novelty items also have clearly marked manufacturer guidelines on the package for the proper use of the item.

Color Information Sheet Showing Consumer and Novelty Firework Examples (pdf/390k/1pp)

Retail Sales Guidelines for Consumer Fireworks (pdf/248k/2pp)
Note: The requirements listed in this document are general items and not inclusive of all the requirements detailed in the COS Ordinance #3892 and NFPA 1124 (where applicable). On-site inspections may find items not listed but required.

City ordinance #3892 requires that signage be posted by all displays selling Consumer Grade fireworks and by all cash register point-of-sale locations. The sign MUST be as shown, RED INK on WHITE background.

Required Signage at point-of-sale locations and displays  (pdf/71k/1pp)

A Consumer Fireworks Retail Sale permit from the Fire Department is required by any business entity selling Consumer Fireworks whether in a building or temporary structure. If selling from a temporary structure, i.e. tents, planning approval is required and a Fire Code required tent permit is required. The cost of a Consumer Fireworks Retail Sale permit is $100.

Consumer Fireworks Retail Sale permit application  (pdf/66k/2pp)


The Danger

The potential for a major wildland fire incident is present in Scottsdale throughout most of the year. The threat increases dramatically during the summer months, and often peaks around the 4th of July holiday, when the highest sales and use of consumer fireworks is expected.

Beyond the risk of fire danger, is the potential for burns and traumatic firework injuries. The National Fire Protection Association leavingcos(NFPA) reports in the year 2008 alone, approximately 7,000 people were treated for injuries in U.S. hospital emergency rooms. The risk of fireworks injuries (burns, lacerations, contusions) for teens age 15-19 and children 5-9, was two times higher than the risk experienced by the general public. 




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