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Stetson Plaza/South Canal Bank -- Project Details


Underground public parking garage - Project Status

The underground public parking garage built on the Developer's property with a private, mixed-use office/restaurant/retail development built above the public garage. The underground parking garage will include a retaining wall necessary to build against the Canal that will also have the effect of increasing the width of the Canal Bank Park by approximately twenty feet. There will be two entry and exit ramps, three elevators to the Street and Canal level plazas, seven stairwells, and approximately 227 parking spaces (Attachment No. 1, Conceptual Site Plan, Parking Garage Level). Additionally, the project will provide approximately 66 parking spaces behind and under the private buildings at the Plaza/Street surface level


Privately owned mixed-use office/restaurant/retail buildings

The private project, which is in preliminary design phase, will flank the public Marshall Way Plaza that is under construction at the south end of the bridge over the Canal for trolley and pedestrian use. The Developer has provided a description of their vision and guiding principles for the project, which will face onto both the Canal and Stetson Drive, encompassing approximately 1,000 linear feet of the Canal Park frontage, and provides the opportunity for pedestrian activity on the Canal, Stetson Drive and the Plaza.

The four buildings are currently envisioned to contain approximately 8,000 square feet of leasable specialty retail, 23,000 leasable square feet of restaurant, and 73,000 leasable square feet of office condos in a series of one, two and three story elements. A variety of secondary plazas, courtyards, patios, balconies, and pedestrian corridors are also included. The developer has committed to filling these retail and office spaces with local tenants, rather than national chains, thus helping to ensure the unique character of this portion of Downtown Scottsdale.

View Case Details (95-DR-2004)


Public restrooms

The Developer will construct two restrooms for public use that will be integrated into the private buildings as a covenant on the west side of the public Plaza with easy visibility, accessibility, and signage from the Plaza and Stetson Drive. These restrooms will meet the City of Scottsdale Standards for downtown restrooms and will be maintained by the Developer.


Public Plaza and Canal bank improvements (under construction)

The Arizona Canal Banks Phase 1 Marshall Way construction contract approved last December is a key component of how this project fits into the overall picture of the surrounding neighborhood. This construction contract calls for

  1. a linear park that has 16' wide multi-use trail of decomposed granite and a concrete walkway, landscaping, pedestrian bridges and casual seating areas;
  2. a new bridge crossing the Arizona Canal at Marshall Way that contains a 22' wide trolley route and
  3. a plaza located along the south side of the Arizona Canal containing four interconnected water walls. Each water wall is 18" tall and cascades into a receiving basin. The last water wall has a larger receiving basin that flows toward Stetson Drive. Between each water wall are gathering areas with quartzite stone pavers in an ashlar pattern.

The Developer and their restaurant tenants will work with City and SRP to create outdoor dining experiences along the canal, at the side edges of the Plaza and along Stetson Drive frontage to encourage activation of the public spaces. Phase I of this project (Plaza, bridge, and landscaping) is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2004.


Utility Undergrounding and Relocation

The underground public parking garage will be included the City's alley right of way that runs along the Canal in order to accommodate the width necessary for the drive aisles and parking spaces. At the same time, as part of the Canal Bank improvements, the City is moving forward on undergrounding the electric lines that run in the alley along the Canal. These electric lines, along with the sewer lines and any other utilities that run in the alley, will be moved south so that they can be relocated within the right of way in Stetson Drive. Water and sewer lines may have capacity upgrades at the same time as a part of the City's review of older infrastructure in the Downtown area and in anticipation of more property owners planning to reinvest and increase the density on their property.

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