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Abandoned Vehicles On city streets

(480) 312-5000

  On private property

 (480) 312-2546

ADA / Accessibility Resources

Helping residents, business owners and developers to better understand their rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

(480) 312-7749
(480) 312-2500

Tom Barrs, Plans Examiner

Adopt a Road

(480) 312-3111


(602) 286-8255

ADOT Arizona Dept of Transportation

(602) 712-7355

Agua Linda Park 8732 E. McDonald Rd.

(480) 312-PARK

Airport 15000 N. Airport Drive, 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(480) 312-2321

(480) 312-8480

Noise Complaints:

(480) 312-3597

Air Quality
State (ADEQ)

(480) 312-3111
(602) 506-3011
(602) 771-2300

Alarm Permits

(480) 312-2400

Scottsdale Revised Code requires homes and businesses with alarms to obtain an annual permit.

Alternative fueling stations

America's Promise
America's Promise is a collaborative network that builds upon the collective power of communities and partners to help fulfill the FIVE PROMISES for every young person in America.

Animal Control

(602) 506-PETS

Report Barking Dogs:
(480) 312-5000

Apache Park 1201 N. 85th Place.

(480) 312-PARK 

Arizona Blue Stake

(602) 263-1100

It's the Law:  Before you dig, call Arizona Blue Stake! At least two working days prior to beginning your project, call the Center.

Arizona Cities

Arizona Public Service (APS)

(602) 371-7171

Arizona State Government General Information

(602) 542-4900

ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center (SkySong)

(480) 312-7989

Economic Development Department

Attorney Referral Services

(602) 257-4434

Aztec Park 13636 N. 100th Street.

(480) 312-PARK 


Barking Dogs

(480) 312-5000

Contact Scottsdale Police for assistance.

Bed Bugs Maricopa County

(602) 506-6616


Bee Removal

(480) 312-2722

On city property (parks, rights-of-way, etc.) call this number.

On private property - see 'Bee Removal' in Yellow pages

Beer Permit

(480) 312-7707

To obtain a beer permit for city parks, please call the facility booking office.


(480) 312-5750

Search tool to find land survey information for city locations.

Better Business Bureau

(602) 264-1721

Bicycle Path Information

(480) 312-7630 

Scottsdale is home to a nationally-recognized bicycle transportation network.

Bicycle Registration

(480) 312-3134

This program was designed to aid in the recovery of lost or stolen bicycles.

Birth Certificates

(602) 506-6805

Are available through the Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration.

Block Parties

(480) 312-3111

Block Watch

(480) 312-3111

This is now referred to as Neighborhood Watch.

Boards Commissions & Committees

(480) 312-2412

Contact the City Clerk's Office or visit the page above for information about the city's citizen boards, commissions, committees and task forces.

Boating in Scottsdale is permitted at Vista Lake and Chaparral Lake. Boating refers to canoes, row boats (including kayaks), boats with electric motors and sailboats; no inflatable rafts or gas-powered boats.

Bouncer Permit

(480) 312-7707

To obtain a permit to use inflatable 'bouncers' at city parks, please call the facility booking office.

Brush Removal Recorded Info:
(480) 312-5680

General Info:
(480) 312-5600

The city provides monthly brush and bulk item collection to residents who pay for residential collection services.


(480) 312-2435

Scottsdale's budget is published annually and provided online by the Finance Dept.

Bus Service (Scottsdale)

(480) 312-7696

Transit information specific to Scottsdale is provided at the number and website above.

Bus Service (Valleywide)

(602) 253-5000

Regional transit services are provided in partnership with Valley Metro.


CPR Classes

(480) 312-7957

Cab Connection

(480) 312-8747

An alternative to Dial-a-Ride for some users. The program offers twenty vouchers per month per user. Vouchers are subsidized by the City of Scottsdale.

Cable Channel 11

(480) 312-7948

In addition to broadcasting City Council meetings and other city meetings, Scottsdale CityCable Channel 11 creates and distributes informative video programs about city government, programs, projects, and services and community amenities, attractions, businesses and quality of life. The channel is available to Cox Cable customers, and also streams live and on-demand at the link above. Some CityCable programming is also available on YouTube.  

Cable, Cox

(623) 594-1000

Cactus Park 7202 E Cactus Road

(480) 312-7665

Cactus Aquatic and Fitness Center 7202 E Cactus Road

(480) 312-7665

Capital Projects

(480) 312-7250

Learn more about city construction projects at the link above.

Cats, Stray or Feral Maricopa County

(602) 506-7387

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control

Center for the Performing Arts 7380 E. Second Street.

 (480) 499-8587

The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is one of Arizona’s premiere theater experiences.

Chamber of Commerce: Scottsdale Area

(480) 355-2700

The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce is the largest business organization in Scottsdale providing advocacy, education, networking, leadership and exposure opportunities to our member businesses.

Chamber of Commerce: North Scottsdale

 (480) 889-8987

The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce sets the standard for excellence in member service, community collaboration, business growth, and achieving a high quality of life in the North Scottsdale area.

Chaparral Park 5401 N Hayden Road

(480) 312-2353

Chaparral Aquatic Center 5401 N Hadyen Road

(480) 312-2361

Character Areas

(480) 312-7225

Scottsdale's Character Area Plans help define, maintain or enhance a desired "character" for designated areas.

Chesnutt Park 4565 N. Granite Reef Road

(480) 312-PARK

Cholla Park 11320 E. Via Linda Road

(480) 312-PARK

Citrus Dropoff Program(seasonal)  Arcadia Neighbor2Neighbor Program  

City Attorney

(480) 312-2405

The City Attorney is the chief legal advisor of all offices, departments and agencies and of all officers and employees in matters relating to their official powers and duties.

City Clerk

(480) 312-2412

The Scottsdale City Clerk's Office supports the Council goal of accessible and responsive government by preparing and keeping the minutes of City Council meetings; overseeing the timely and accurate accumulation, preservation, and accessibility of public records; conducting fair and open municipal elections; and ensuring legal compliance of all official postings, public notices, and related advertising.

City Council

(480) 312-2550

Scottsdale's Mayor and six City Council members each are elected at-large to represent the citizens of Scottsdale.

City Court

(480) 312-2242

The Scottsdale City Court serves the community by providing a dignified and professional forum for the efficient resolution of cases within the city jurisdiction.

City Hall 3939 N Drinkwater Blvd.

(480) 312-3111

Scottsdale City Hall houses the Mayor and City Council offices as well as the City Manager, City Clerk's Office, City Attorney's Office, Intergovernmental Affairs and the Office of Communication.

City Manager

(480) 312-2800

The City Manager's Office is responsible for executive leadership of the city staff and for implementing City Council policies, developing programs and budgets to respond to City Council goals and ensuring that citizens receive effective and efficient city services.

City of Scottsdale General Information

(480) 312-3111


(480) 312-2490

Risk Management coordinates the City's safety and risk management functions.

Club SAR 8055 E. Camelback Road

(480) 312-2669

Code Enforcement

(480) 312-2546

Code Enforcement enforces zoning, property maintenance, housing, signage, graffiti and construction activity regulations.

Comanche Park 7639 Paseo Del Norte

(480) 312-PARK

Commercial Bin & Roll-off Collection Service

(480) 312-5600

Roll-off box service is available for businesses, construction, industrial or large residential clean up projects.

Community & Economic Development

(480) 312-2500

The Community & Economic Development Division consists of: Scottsdale AirportEconomic Development; Planning, Neighborhoods & Transportation; and WestWorld.

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)

(480) 312-1899
(480) 312-1832

CERT provides citizens with an opportunity to learn basic emergency response skills to assist themselves, their friends and family, and/or their neighborhoods in case of an emergency.

Consumer Complaints

(602) 542-5763

Consumer complaints are handled by the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

County Assessor

(602) 506-3406

The Maricopa County Assessor handles property tax assessment in Maricopa County.

County Attorney

(602) 506-3187

The Maricopa County Attorney prosecutes felony criminal cases in Maricopa County.

Cox Cable

(623) 594-1000

Coyotes, Urban Wildlife  Arizona Dept. of Fish and Game


Crime Prevention & Safety

(480) 312-3111

City of Scottsdale:  http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/safety

Crime Reports
(submit online)
For emergencies call 911

(480) 312-5000

Crisis Intervention Scottsdale Police
For emergencies call 911

(480) 312-5055

Curb Painting

(480) 312-3111

A free kit, which includes stencil numbers, masking tape, brushes and instructions, is easy to use. Paint is provided by the user.


DC Ranch Community Park

(480) 312-PARK

Planned park located off of Thompson Peak Pkwy at Reata Wash.

DC Ranch Neighborhood Park

(480) 312-PARK

Planned park located east of Pima Road and south of Union Hills Drive.

Dead Animal Pick Up only on city streets

(480) 312-5600

Desert Foothills Character Area

(480) 312-7800

This plan sets forth the long-range vision created for the Desert Foothills area through the character area planning process.

Design Standards & Policies Manual (DS&PM)

(480) 312-2500

This manual presents clear and concise technical requirements, policies and processes to enable design professionals to prepare plans and reports necessary for development of both public and private projects.

Development Fees

(480) 312-2500

Scottsdale Development Fees - Application, plan review, permit, and water & sewer fee sheets; fee reduction programs.


(480) 633-0101

provides door-to-door, shared ride service, specifically designed for passengers who are unable to access local bus service.

Diversity & Dialogue Office

(480) 312-7772

The Diversity and Dialogue Office develops and sponsors trainings, services, programs and events aimed at addressing diversity needs and fostering understanding within our community.

Dog Licenses Maricopa County Animal Control Services

(602) 506-7387

Donations - Scottsdale Shares  

(480) 312-3111

Giving is always in season … and needs never take a holiday. 

Downtown Scottsdale Partnership

(480) 947-6423

The goal of the Partnership is to promote downtown Scottsdale as Arizona's premier arts, cultural, entertainment, shopping and business destination.


(480) 312-2500

Drivers Licenses and Plates 1703 E. Larkspur

(602) 255-0072

  7339 E. Paradise Lane

(602) 255-0072

Dynamite Foothills

(480) 312-7800

This plan sets forth the long-term vision created for the Dynamite Foothills area through the character planning process. The goals and strategies in this report lay out the intentions for this area.


Economic Development - www.ChooseScottsdale.com

(480) 312-7989

Eldorado Park and Community Center

(480) 312-2483

Park located at 2311 N. Miller Road.

Eldorado Aquatic and Fitness Center

(480) 312-2484

Aquatic Center located at 1901 N. Miller Road.

Election Central

(480) 312-7844

The link above provides latest information on Scottsdale elections.

Electric Service Arizona Public Service

(602) 371-7171

  Salt River Project

(602) 236-8888

Electronics Recycling


(480) 312-5600

The city periodically holds a special Electronics Recycling Day for the disposal of household electronics items.  

Email Subscriptions

(480) 312-3111

Sign up to receive email-based publications from the City of Scottsdale. Including job posting and solicitation opportunities.

Emergency Preparedness

(480) 312-8000

City of Scottsdale:  http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/emergencies

Emissions Automobile



(480) 312-2491

Interested in working for the City of Scottsdale? Begin your search here, you can find out about current job opportunities, submit a job interest card or learn more about positions. There's also a Job Information Line at (480) 312-2395.

Engraver Program

(480) 312-3111

Learn about the city's Engraver Program that permits citizens to borrow a free engraver to mark property as a deterrent to crime.

Environmental Planning & Design  

(480) 312-7080

Environmental Planning and Design, also known as the Green Building Program, encourages a whole-systems approach through design and building techniques to minimize environmental impact and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to the health of its occupants.


(480) 312-7800

 The Environmentally Sensitive Lands Ordinance (ESLO) is a set of zoning regulations adopted by the City Council to guide development throughout the 134 square miles of desert and mountain areas of Scottsdale.


Feral Cats Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

 (602) 506-7387

Film Permits

   (480) 312-2500

Apply for a permit for photo shoots, commercials, television, feature films or any other film production that utilize City property or right-of-way. It is recommended that applicant's apply at least one week in advance of the shoot to avoid unwanted delays.


(480) 312-5230


We apologize for any inconvenience. There are several businesses in or near Scottsdale that provide this service that can be found by using your browser and preferred internet search service or here

Fire Department(Administrative Offices) In case of emergency, call 911

(480) 312-8000

Fire Prevention Inspections, fire permits, fire code information, evacuation drills, fire extinguishers

(480) 312-1855

First Aid and CPR Classes

(480) 312-7957


(480) 312-PARK

Fishing is offered only at Chaparral Park,  Eldorado Park and Vista del Camino Park.

Flood Zone Information

(480) 312-2356

Flooding Drainage Problems - Stormwater Runoff

(480) 312-4317

Food Bank

(480) 312-2323

Vista del Camino Food Bank accepts donations of canned foods and non-perishable items. 

Food Emergency Assistance

(480) 312-2323

The city provides resources to assist with emergency food needs.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

(480) 860-2700

The Foundation's international headquarters are at Taliesin West in Scottsdale.



(480) 312-3111

G.A.I.N. or Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods is an annual event designed to unite neighbors and communities to help create safer neighborhoods.

Garbage / Refuse

(480) 312-5600

Solid Waste Management provides schedules and tips for refuse and recycling collection, brush, bulk waste, appliance pick-up, household hazardous waste and commercial collection.

Gas - Southwest Gas Southwest Gas Corp.

(602) 861-1999

General City Information

(480) 312-3111

GIS Maps

(480) 312-2744

The Digital Map Center provides on-line access to Scottsdale Geographic Information System maps and databases, such as: land use, zoning, sewer and utility easments, flood zones and aerial photos.


The City of Scottsdale does not operate any golf courses. However, a list of golf courses is provided on the Convention & Visitor's Bureau website. Visit http://www.scottsdalecvb.com for golf course listings

Graffiti Removal

(480) 312-7032

The Code Enforcement unit removes graffiti on public property and works with private organizations to keep Scottsdale beautiful. Report graffiti anonymously using online form or calling hotline number.

Granite Reef Senior Center 1700 North Granite Reef Road

(480) 312-1700

Grayhawk Park

(480) 312-2771

Green Building Program

(480) 312-4202

The Green Building Program encourages a whole-systems approach through design and building techniques to minimize environmental
impact and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to the health of its occupants.


Handbills Program

(480) 312-3111

Easy steps a resident can take to legally notify a handbill distributor that no printed material is to be placed on the resident's premises.

Handicapped Parking Permit

(602) 255-0072
TDD (602) 712-3222

All plates and placards are issued by the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles

Handlebar Helpers


Handlebar Helpers is a community "earn-a-bike program" affiliated with the non-profit organization Concerned Citizens for Community Health.

Hazardous Waste

Recorded Info:
(480) 312-5602

Solid Waste Division Main Line:
(480) 312-5600

Learn how you can properly dispose of hazardous waste.

Health Department Maricopa County

(602) 506-6900

Historic Preservation

(480) 312-2523

The city's Historic Preservation Program works to increase public awareness of Scottsdale's heritage; identify historic and cultural resources; designate and recognize significant local resources; and assist in protecting, preserving and enhancing the buildings and structures that best represent Scottsdale's past.

Historical Society Museum

(480) 945-4499

Holidays City Office Holiday Schedule

(480) 312-3111

Home Improvement Center

(480) 312-7800

Tools and resources for additions, remodels, repairs and upgrades.

Horizon Park 15444 N. 100th Street

(480) 312-2650

Horse Trails

(480) 312-7722

Hospital/Medical Scottsdale Healthcare - Osborn

(480) 882-4000

  Scottsdale Healthcare - Shea

 (480) 323-3000

  Scottsdale Healthcare - Thompson Peak

 (480) 324-7400

  Mayo Clinic

(480) 301-8000

Hot Water Recirculation System Rebate

(480) 312-5650

The City of Scottsdale Water Conservation Office offers a Hot Water Recirculation System rebate to water customers who install this water conservation device in their home.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection City

(480) 312-5600

Housing Agency/Section 8

(480) 312-7647

The Community Assistance Office provides rental assistance in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the private rental community.   

Housing Rehabilitation and Emergency Repairs

(480) 312-7647

The link above goes to a web page with information on a variety of housing programs.   

Human Resources

(480) 312-2491

Find out about current job opportunities, submit a job interest card or learn more about various positions. You can also try the Job Information Line at (480) 312-2395.

Human Services

(480) 312-2646

Human Services provides an integrated system of services, resources, and opportunities to help people improve their lives, the lives of others, neighborhoods, and the total community.



(602) 506-6900

The Maricopa County Health Department offers immunization services for children, adults and those traveling abroad.

Indian School Park & Tennis Center

(480) 312-2740

Information & Referral Services

(602) 263-8856

Community Information and Referral serves as Arizona’s keysource of health and human services information; connecting people with programs to meet vital needs.

Inspection Services

(480) 312-5750

All construction or work for which a permit is required is subject to city inspections and must remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved.

Intergovernmental Relations

(480) 312-2511

Government Relations works as an advocate of the City's positions on issues before the U.S. Congress, State Legislature and regional governing boards, as well as to develop Scottsdale’s relationship with other municipal organizations and special interest groups throughout Arizona.

Ironwood Park

(480) 312-2771


Justice Court Maricopa County (602) 372-7000


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Lafayette Park

(480) 312-PARK


(480) 941-3427

Landlord / Tenant and Fair Housing Resources  

(480) 312-7647

As a landlord or tenant in Scottsdale, you have rights and obligations you need to follow under the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act and the Fair Housing Act. The above link goes to "A Guide to the Arizona Residential Landlord/Tenant Act and Fair Housing." It is designed to assist individuals understand their rights and obligations under state law.

Landscaping Rebates

(480) 312-5650

The City of Scottsdale is offering landscape rebates to homeowners and multifamily or commercial properties for the installation of a Xeriscape landscape. Follow the above link to find out more.

Library All Branches

(480) 312-7323

See library website for branch locations and hours


(480) 312-2400

Information on Business Tax, Liquor & Special Events licenses.

Liquor License City Process Overview  

(480) 312-7000

This page outlines a three-step process to ensure you are fully informed/aware of the specific regulations that relate to bars/nightclubs and restaurants in Scottsdale.


Maps (Digital/GIS)

(480) 312-2356

Visit the link above for maps pertaining to land use, zoning, sewer and utility easments, flood zones, aerial photos, etc.

Maricopa County General Information

(602) 506-3011

Marriage Licenses

(602) 372-7000

Marriage licenses in Maricopa County are handled by the Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court

Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane

(480) 312-2433

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

(480) 312-2312

Take a ride on the Paradise and Pacific Railroad and antique carousel. Visit a variety of shops and museum or play in one of the spacious playgrounds, or just relax in the grass under a tree or in one of the park's picnic ramadas. Park located at 7301 E. Indian Bend Rd.

McDowell Mountain Ranch Park and Aquatic Center

(480) 312-6677

The competitive and leisure pools are heated during Fall & Winter months. Park located at 15525 N. Thompson Peak Pkwy.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve

(480) 312-7013

Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve is like no other place in the Valley. It is unique geologically. It is home to stunning geography, lush cacti forests and diverse wildlife. It features award-winning trails and facilities.


(602) 264-2255

Mescal Park

(480) 312-PARK (7275)

Park consists of lighted equestrian arena and ½-mile trail for hikers and horseback riders. Park located at 11015 N. 68th Pl.

Mighty Mud Mania

(480) 312-2771

This annual city event organized by the Parks & Recreation Division usually in June. Event held at Chaparral Park, 5401 N. Hayden Rd.

Mosquitos / West Nile Virus Maricopa County Vector Control

(602) 506-3011

Mountain View Park and Community Center

(480) 312-2584

Park located at 8625 E. Mountain View Rd.

Museum of Contemporary Art

(480) 994-2787

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is a gathering place for experiencing contemporary art and culture.

My Neighborhood

(480) 312-7800

This website provides information about activities happening in your neighborhood -- construction, development requests, building permits, code enforcement notices and crime activity.



myScottsdale is a smartphone app to help you join the fight against cracked sidewalks, broken street lights, graffiti and other problems in our community.


Native Plant Information

(480) 312-7080

As part of our continuing efforts toward protecting large cacti and trees indigenous to the area, the city has adopted the Native Plant Ordinance.

Nature Park

(480) 312-PARK(7275)

Neighborhood Clean Up Program

(480) 312-3111

 Two FREE services to residents / volunteers who organize neighborhood clean up efforts. A 30-yard roll-off (refuse bin) and a trailer loaded with landscape tools are available for loan.

Neighborhood College  

(480) 312-3111

 City of Scottsdale developed the Neighborhood College to provide residents, neighborhood groups and homeowners associations with the information, resources and tools needed to become effective neighborhood leaders.

Neighborhood Notification Program

(480) 312-3111

The Neighborhood Notification Program is a resource for homeowner organizations, block watches and neighborhoods to receive information directly from the city regarding programs, events or issues occurring in their area.

Neighborhood Watch

(480) 312-3111

Northsight Park

(480) 312-PARK


Off Leash Areas

(480) 312-PARK

 Off Leash Areas allow dogs to run in a fenced area.

One Stop Shop

(480) 312-2500

The One Stop Shop offers residents assistance, information and resources on building, plan review and permits.

Operation Fix It: Neighbors helping Neighbors

(480) 312-8703

This program provides assistance to qualifying homeowners or tenants who are physically or financially unable to maintain their properties. Operation Fix It teams volunteers and local businesses to provide labor and materials.

Operation Identification

(480) 312-3111

Engrave your driver’s license or state issued identification number on property as a deterrent to crime. Borrow an engraver.

Osborn Park

(480) 312-PARK


Paiute Neighborhood Center

(480) 312-2529

Paiute Neighborhood Center provides a safe and diverse environment where neighbors can come together to create a spirit of community by providing social, recreational, cultural and educational programs and services.

Paiute Park

(480) 312-2771

Papago Rotary Park

(480) 312-2771

Parada del Sol

(480) 990-3179

Parada del Sol is a non profit corporation that provides financial and volunteer support to charities that provide heath care, resources, and community programs that benefit the underserved. The Parada del Sol is able to provide these resources through the production and promotion of Parada del Sol Rodeo, Parada del Sol Parade and various charitable events.

Parks & Recreation

(480) 312-7275

Scottsdale's Parks and Recreation Department Manages parks and recreation facilities; provides positive leisure activities for youth, teens and adults; and produces community special events and programs.

Personal Safety

(480) 312-3111

Scottsdale Police Department at: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/safety/personal


(480) 312-7277

Passport services are offered at the customer service center inside One Civic Center (7447 E. Indian School Road, Suite 110).


(602) 255-3664 

State of Arizona:  http://www.sb.state.az.us/LicInfo.php

Pima Park

(480) 312-2771

Pinnacle Peak Park

(480) 312-0990

Plan Review

(480) 312-7080

The city provides resources to assist in each phase of the plan review process.

Plumbing Rebates

(480) 312-5650

The City of Scottsdale water conservation office offers rebates to water customers who install water conservation devices in their homes or businesses. The rebates are offered to encourage a permanent reduction in indoor water use.

Poison Control Center

(800) 222-1222

Police In case of emergencies call 911

(480) 312-5000

Post Office Scottsdale Main Branch

(480) 945-7544
(800) ASK-USPS


(480) 312-7013

Learn more about Scottsdale's environmental, land and historic preservation efforts.

Public Information Officer

(480) 312-2336


(480) 312-5700


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(480) 312-5650

Information about plumbing and landscaping rebates

Records, Police 8401 E. Indian School Rd

(480) 312-1999

Records, Research, and Reporting

(480) 312-2356

Get access to development records, case files, and a wide variety of maps. There's also reporting and research tools, as well as listing of publications available for purchase and request forms for setbacks, addressing, and public records requests.

Recreation Classes

(480) 312-7957

Recycling Tours & Presentations

(480) 312-5600

Presentations are available to schools, individual classrooms, homeowners association groups, neighborhood groups, youth organizations, etc.

Red Cross

(602) 336-6660

Phoenix region:  Grand Canyon Chapter at www.redcross.org/az/phoenix

Refuse and Recycling  

(480) 312-5600

Solid Waste Management provides schedules and tips for refuse and recycling collection, brush, bulk waste, appliance pick-up, household hazardous waste and commercial collection.

Reservations of Indoor Facilities
Reservations of indoor facilities at parks, libraries, senior centers, Stadium, and Westworld.

Rio Montana Park

(480) 312-PARK

Roach Hotline

(480) 312-5675

 Tips for treating and dealing with roaches (automated message)

Roof Rats
 Maricopa County Vector Control
 Arcadia Neighbor2Neighbor Program

 (602) 506-0700

Rotary Park

(480) 312-PARK


Safety & Crime Prevention

(480) 312-3111

City of Scottsdale:  http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/safety


(480) 312-5620
7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City provides sandbags free of charge to citizens in emergency situations at the City's Corporation Yard near 91st Street and Via Linda.

Scenic Corridor

(480) 312-7225

Scenic Corridors are major thoroughfares designated by the General Plan to have scenic desert landscape setbacks, providing a sense of openness for the community.

Schools Scottsdale Unified
School District

(480) 484-6100

  Cave Creek School District 

 (480) 575-2000

  Paradise Valley School District

(602) 867-5100

Scottsdale Association of Realtors

(480) 945-2651  

Scottsdale Civic Center Mall

(480) 874-4607  

Weddings, reservations, events

Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau

(480) 421-1004

Provides information to visitors about hotels, restaurants, events, and more. Alternate phone: (800) 782-1117

Scottsdale Pride Commission

(480) 312-4126

Dedicated to preserving and enhancing the environment and quality of life in our community and Arizona.

Scottsdale Ranch Park & Tennis Center  

(480) 312-7774

Scottsdale Stadium

(480) 312-2586

Senior Center Granite Reef, Via Linda

(480) 312-1700

Sensitive Design Program

(480) 312-7000

The Scottsdale Sensitive Design Program is a comprehensive compilation of policies and guidelines related to the City's built environment.

Sheriff  Maricopa County

(602) 876-1000


There are plenty of shopping options in Scottsdale. For more information, please visit the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau website . Or for shopping options specifically in the Scottsdale Downtown area, please visit the Scottsdale Downtown website .

Shoshone Park

(480) 312-PARK

Small Claims Court

(602) 372-7000

Snakes If inside home and/or posing immediate threat, dial:

(480) 312-8911

Social Security Administration

(800) 772-1213

Sonoran Hills Park

(480) 312-PARK

Southwest Gas

(877) 860-6020

Sports and Recreation

(480) 312-PARK (7275)

Stonegate Equestrian Park

(480) 312-PARK

Street Light Outage

(480) 312-5483

Street Maintenance

(480) 312-5620

Swimming Pools

(480) 312-7080

What are the city's requirements related to swimming pools, hot tubs and spas?


Taliesen West

(480) 860-2700

Headquarters for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is in Scottsdale.

Taxes Sales

(480) 312-2400

  Federal income

(800) 829-1040


(602) 506-3406

  State income

 (602) 255-3381

Teen Job Information

(480) 312-7922

Youth & Family Services offers services for teens including: Juvenile Diversion Program (court ordered youth), Teen Employment Services, Educational Workshops, and assessment and referral for various family issues. For more information please email Sheila Williams at Youth and Family Services.

Telephone - Cox Communications

(623) 594-1000

Telephone, Qwest

(866) 642-0444

Thomas Road Bike Stop

(480) 312-2771

Thunderbird Park

(480) 312-2771

Tools/Tool Trailer Neighborhood Clean Up Program

(480) 312-3111

Operation FixIt

(480) 312-8703


(480) 312-5314
(480) 312-5137

 Information about how to recover a vehicle that was towed in Scottsdale

Traffic & Transit

(480) 312-7696

Traffic Engineering & Intelligent Transportation Systems - Transit - Transportation Master Planning

Traffic Signs & Signals Maintenance

(480) 312-5620


(480) 312-7696

Visit Department Directory

Trash/Recycling Containers, additional

(480) 312-5600

You may request to have your trash and/or recycling containers repaired. Or if you prefer new containers may be ordered for a fee. Service fee will be added to your monthly bill.


(480) 970-8130

The Trolley now provides year-round service. The Trolley is Free to Ride, and visits: Scottsdale Fashion Square, Fifth Avenue Shops, Marshall Way Arts District, Main Street Arts District, Old Town, Scottsdale Convention & Visitors' Bureau.


Urban Wildlife, Coyotes  AZ Dept. of Game and Fish


Utilities - City Water  
Establish or stop your City of Scottsdale water services. Make changes to your account information.

Utility Billing

(480) 312-2461

Utility Services - Non-City


Via Linda Senior Center

(480) 312-5810

Victim Assistance

(480) 312-4226

Vista del Camino Recreation

(480) 312-2330

Vista del Camino Social Services

(480) 312-2323

Vista del Camino provides a variety of social services to Scottsdale residents to prevent homelessness, relieve economic hardship and provide basic needs in times of crisis.

Volunteer Opportunities

(480) 312-2777

Interested in giving back to your community? There are several volunteer opportunites available at the city.

Voting (Absentee Ballots)

(602) 506-1511

Voting (Register to Vote)

(602) 506-1511


Water Turn service on/off and billing

(480) 312-2461

  Conservation rebates

(480) 312-5690


(480) 312-8732

  Audit kit

(480) 312-5690

  Report leaks and repairs

(480) 312-5650

Wedge Skatepark

(480) 312-2483

Weed Control

(480) 312-2546

Code Enforcement enforces property maintenance issues, including weeds, overgrown vegetation, dry or dead plants and tall grass. Report unsightly properties or get more information.


(480) 312-6802

WestWorld is a premier, nationally recognized, user-friendly equestrian center and special events facility serving our community and visitors.

Wildlife  Arizona Game & Fish Dept. 

 (602) 942-3000

West Nile Virus, Mosquitoes Maricopa County

(602) 506-3011

Wireless Communication (Cell Towers)
Click on the link for information on Scottsdale wireless communication facilities.


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Youth Activities

(480) 312-7982

Youth and Family Services

(480) 312-7922

City offers resources and programs for teens including: Juvenile Diversion Program (court ordered youth), Teen Employment Services, educational workshops and assessment and referral for various family issues.

Youth Corps

(480) 312-8376

A summer teen volunteer program designed for 6th -12th graders. Teens may serve their community while learning about various city jobs during their summer assignment.

Youth Sports

(480) 312-7642

A summer teen volunteer program designed for 6th -12th graders. Teens may serve their community while learning about various city jobs during their summer assignment.


Zoning Enforcement

(480) 312-2546


(480) 312-2500


(480) 312-2500

Zuni Park

(480) 312-PARK

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