All of the details are only examples that may not apply to customer's particular design.

Individual Drawings are provided in both PDF and DWG file formats.

For DWG file viewing, you can use software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation to display the file. You can also download a free DWG viewer at:


Example DrawingPDF DownloadDWG Download
Green Building(PDF)(DWG)
Typical Interior Wall Assembly(PDF)(DWG)
Fastener Schedule for Structural Members
Table R602.3(1)
Island Vent Detail(PDF)(DWG)
2021 IRC Notes - 37 items(DOC)No DWG
Shower Base Detail(PDF)(DWG)
Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention
Assembly For Water Supply to Soda Fountain
Spiral Stairs Detail(PDF)(DWG)
Stucco Sconce Detail(PDF)(DWG)
Residential Kitchen Cooking Island Underslab
Vented Gas Piping Sleeve Installation
Underground Duct(PDF)(DWG)
Window Flashing Detail(PDF)(DWG)
Winding Stairs Detail(PDF)(DWG)
Retaining Wall, 4 ft or less(PDF)No DWG
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