General Funds & Endowment

Funding nonprofit human services in Scottsdale and encourages community contributions through endowments.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Helping Scottsdale residents achieve financial independence through education, job training, and savings plans.

Fair Housing & Landlord/Tenant Resources

Scottsdale provides resources to prevent housing discrimination and support tenant rights.

CDBG & Home Programs

Scottsdale uses HUD grants to improve housing and opportunities for low-income residents.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

HCV Forms

The HCV Forms page provides necessary forms for Scottsdale's Housing Choice Voucher program.


The portability page covers both porting in and porting out for Housing Choice Voucher holders, allowing them to move to or from Scottsdale while retaining their rental assistance.

Landlord & Inspection Information

Provides landlords in Scottsdale with inspection details and direct deposit information for Housing Choice Vouchers.

Courtesy Property Listings

Provides Scottsdale residents rental properties available for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Providing rental assistance to low-income families, seniors, and disabled individuals, enabling them to afford safe, decent housing.

Housing Rehabilitation

Contractor Information

Scottsdale's Housing Rehabilitation program recruits licensed, insured contractors for housing repairs.

Housing Rehabilitation Programs

Offers Scottsdale homeowners assistance with green housing, roof repairs, and emergency repairs.

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Scottsdale Housing Agency

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