Scottsdale is an ideal environment to hold a special event due to its inviting weather, abundance of shops and activities, and year-round attractiveness to our many visitors and residents. The city recognizes special events as an important part of Scottsdale's quality of life and the contribution they make to a sustainable tourism industry.

Special Event Guidebook

Most special events represent a major investment of time and money. When well planned and executed, they can bring rewarding dividends to the organizers as well as the City of Scottsdale. Successful events require responsible leadership, careful planning, sensitivity to potential impacts, good organization and follow through, plus the ability to anticipate the unexpected. City staff is available from multiple departments to assist with questions and potential solutions to your specific event planning needs. We encourage you to use the Special Event Guidebook as a resource for planning a safe, successful event, along with important procedural items, policies, and contact information. The guide will aid event producers in planning a special event within the city and includes user friendly visual aids and city requirements.

Fees for Special Events

There is an application review fee and permit fee to hold a special event. The application review fee is due upon receipt of the completed application in order to begin review. Events that propose to use public property as part of the event footprint are required to pay use fees. Permit and use fees will be collected prior to the event at time of permit issuance (once event has been approved).

Old Town Events

There are event spaces located within Old Town which include: Marshall Way Bridge, Stetson Plaza, Canal Banks area, Soleri Plaza, Scottsdale Civic Center, West Paseo, and the Scottsdale Stadium. To inquire about availability, please contact:

Scottsdale Civic Center:
Annie Parker, Facilities Rental Manager

Scottsdale Stadium:

Marshall Way Bridge, Stetson Plaza, Canal Banks, Soleri Plaza, and West Paseo:
Cheryl Sumners, Events Manager

Any Old Town events proposed along the canal banks within 65' on either side of the canal require SRP review, approval, and licensing.

SRP permit information

Event Funding Programs

To learn more about event funding or the event directional banner program, visit Tourism & Events.

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