Planning and Development Services Records encourages customers to take advantage of our on-line services. Property records, reports, case file status, and right-of-way permits can all be accessed here. Additionally, you can schedule an inspection and submit a public records request for records not found online.

Property Information

This online request allows users to enter an address or parcel number to:

  • Find zoning and district standards information related to a property
  • View history of permits issued, plan reviews, cases and property records
  • Request setbacks, allowed land uses, sign information and flood hazard determination
  • View interactive map to identify parcel boundaries, easements and a selection of other data

View & Request Property Information

Plans are the intellectual property of either the architect or engineer. Please contact the architect or engineer to obtain copies.
For current Flood Insurance Rate Map information, submit a Public Records Request.
Instructional Video:

Lookup Tools

Building Permits Reports

Search by building permit type or date range.

Case Files Status Lookup

Search for individual or multiple case file information.

Certificate of Occupancy Reports

View list of Certificate of Occupancy by date range.

GIS Maps & Data

Various maps, which allows you to find Building Activity, Code Enforcement, Certificate of Occupancy, Green Building Permits, Quarter Section Maps, Aerials, etc.

Inspection Services Information

Check the status of Permits, Schedule Inspections, and find contact information for Inspectors.

Right-of-Way Permits

Lookup Right-of-Way permit details and schedule inspections.

Submit a Public Record Request

If you are unable to find the records using the options above you may submit a public records request. See the fee schedule for any costs associated with this service.

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2024

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