Home Safe Home is a complimentary program provided by Scottsdale Fire Department to help keep older adult residents safer in their homes.

Trained fire department representatives visit seniors in their homes and point out potential tripping and falling hazards. We can replace smoke alarms batteries or install a new alarm (if it meets requirements) and give free nightlights to ensure you can see well at night.

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Fire Safety in the Home

Fire is fast, powerful and can be lethal. Three in every 5 home fire deaths resulted from non-working smoke alarms. We will help you improve your chances of preventing a fire and you will learn what to do if you have a fire in your home.

  • Smoke alarms are essential - we will check placement of smoke alarms and change batteries if needed (only for ceilings under 10 feet)
  • Fire extinguishers are a big part of a safety program - we will help you find the best place to put one and how to use it
  • You will learn EDITH (Exit Drills in The Home) for each frequently used room
  • Check that your windows and doors can be accessed for safe egress
  • Learn to “shelter in place” when exit is not possible
  • Help identify any potential fire hazards such as frayed electrical cords

Fall Prevention in the home

Research shows that 60% of older adult falls occur in the home and 1/3 of older adults 65 and over fall every year. Scottsdale Fire Department emergency calls average 200 per month for falls.

  • We will evaluate your home for trip hazards and poor lighting
  • Check for bathroom safety such as grab bars
  • Make sure pathways are clear and your footwear is safe
  • Check your current medications so you can be alert to blood thinners that could make a fall much worse
  • We can provide information on available resources to help install grab bars or replace smoke alarms where ceilings are higher than 10 feet
  • You will receive a written list of our recommendations to improve the overall safety of your home


Because falls can be a life-changing event, we want you to be aware of the factors that can affect your ability to age safely in place. The following are the most common health problems that cause falls.

Step 1: Identify how many items apply to you:

  • Problems walking or moving around
  • Taking 4 or more medications (including over the counter medicines and herbal remedies)
  • Foot problems, unsafe footwear
  • Blood pressure drops too much on standing up/dizzy
  • Problems with seeing
  • Tripping hazards in your home

Step 2: Tally your score and use table to calculate risk:

Percent chance of falling - © Mary E. Tinnetti, MD
Tally from step 1 % Chance
0 You have a 10% chance of falling this year
1 You have a 20% chance of falling this year
2 You have a 30% chance of falling this year
3 You have a 60% chance of falling this year
4 You have a 80% chance of falling this year

Medical Forms and Directive

The Arizona Hospital and Health Association provides Advanced Directives and Do Not Resuscitate forms. Please ensure directions are followed so care wishes are able to be followed.

The following forms are also available and important to direct health care and financial management.

The Arizona Attorney General provides additional answers regarding Life Care Planning.

We also recommend setting up your Medical Information in your iPhones or Androids to help responders in emergencies.

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2024

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