The Scottsdale Shade & Tree Plan sets out to cultivate a greener, more vibrant cityscape, enriching the lives of residents and visitors alike through a strategic focus on shade and urban forestry. Inspired by a collective vision shared by the City Council and Scottsdale's diverse community, this initiative aims to enhance the urban canopy, promote environmental resilience, and foster a healthier, more livable city for generations to come.

Phase 1 - Community Input

Scottsdale is developing a Shade & Tree Plan and your input is shaping our greener future. Two open houses were held consisting of a brief overview of the project followed by staff and consultants guiding participants through a series of presentation boards gathering input.

Shade and Tree Plan Community Meeting


General Input

HOA/POA Questionnaire

There is also an opportunity to provide feedback as a HOA/POA.

Take the HOA/POA Questionnaire


The Shade & Tree Plan promises to deliver a multitude of environmental, economic, and social benefits that will contribute to the overall sustainability and resilience of Scottsdale.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Mitigation of extreme heat
  • Improved air quality through the capture of pollutants
  • Increased biodiversity within the urban landscape
  • Promotion of water conservation and sustainable landscaping practices

Economic Benefits:

  • Creation of cooler, more inviting urban environments
  • Reduction in energy consumption for cooling buildings
  • Enhancement of property values and economic prosperity

Social Benefits:

  • Fostering a stronger sense of environmental stewardship among residents
  • Providing a more livable and appealing urban setting
  • Improving public health and overall quality of life
  • Cultivating a sense of place and community pride

Implementation and Community Involvement

The implementation of the Shade & Tree Plan will be a collaborative effort, involving a strategic approach across various city-owned properties, facilities, and streets. The Plan will include various types of shade structures and tree species suitable for urban environments.

Community engagement and volunteerism will play a crucial role in the success of the plan. Residents will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback and suggestions and opportunities for community involvement and volunteer programs will be made available, allowing residents to actively participate in the creation and maintenance of a greener, more sustainable urban environment.


To raise awareness and foster a deeper appreciation for the importance of shade and trees in urban environments, the City of Scottsdale will leverage its existing educational programs and resources. Additionally, new initiatives may be introduced as part of this project, providing comprehensive information and engaging activities to educate the community on the numerous benefits of urban forestry, structured shade and sustainable landscaping practices.

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