This material is provided as a guide to the process. A person or organization seeking to initiate a referendum or initiative petition is responsible for complying with all legal and procedural requirements. The assistance of a qualified attorney may be necessary or helpful in complying with these requirements.


Initiative and Referendum Signature Requirements***
Initiative petition requires:24,676
Referendum petition requires:12,539


Recall Signature Requirements

Mayor recall** petition requires:

Mayor David D. Ortega


City Council recall*** petition requires:

Tammy Caputi, Tom Durham, Barry Graham*, Betty Janik, Kathy Littlefield, and Solange Whitehead


*Recall petitions may not be circulated against an officer until the officer has served 6 (six) months of his or her first term (Arizona State Constitution, Article VIII, Part 1, Section 5).

**Based on the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election canvass.

***Based on the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election canvass.

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