Position Overview

The Records Specialist position is fast paced and varied.Records Specialists perform complex record keeping including compiling statistics, data entry, filing, proofreading, scanning, retrieval of police reports and other forms, maintenance of computerized records management system, queries state and national criminal justice information systems, and other clerical work as needed. Depending on the assignment, the Records Specialist may also make entries to state and national criminal justice information systems.

The Records Unit is a 24/7 operation. Schedules require some flexibility and require shift work, including overnights and weekends. The Records Unit operates on a shift-bid schedule but, after training is completed, employees may be asked to work any of the shifts needed until the next shift-bid. Records Specialists handle duties for both internal and external customers.

Internal Customers
  • Police Officers
  • City and county courts and prosecutors
  • Other government agencies
  • Other City of Scottsdale departments and staff
External Customers
  • Crime victims
  • The public
  • Defense Attorneys



Before proceeding, read about the disqualifiers, tattoos and piercings policy that may prohibit you from a job with the Scottsdale Police Department.
Automatic Disqualifiers: Uniformed Positions
Grooming Standards Policy

The Hiring Process

  1. The recruitment process begins by completing an online application.

Start the Application Process

The Scottsdale Police Personnel & Background Investigations Unit reserves the right to change this process.

  • All test dates are tentative and subject to change.
  • Test dates may be cancelled on short notice.
  • Invitations to test may be rescinded at any time without advance notice.


Duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following tasks:

  • Provides exceptional customer service to the public, departmental personnel, and other agencies.
  • Performs redactions of all documents, video and audio media held by the SPD prior to release in accordance with department policy and Arizona Code.
  • Fulfills Public Records Requests for written, audio and video records on behalf of the SPD by following agency policy and Arizona Public Records Laws.
  • Compiles, amends, and otherwise prepares electronic and physical documents from diverse formats and systems to create uniformed and legally sufficient items for release to courts, prosecutors, government agencies, media, and members of the public.
  • Applies legal protocols and technical expertise in the preparation, redaction, release, and audit of all on-body camera recordings to include both video and audio characteristics.
  • Enters, queries, and retrieves information on various computer systems.
  • Handles basic administrative duties including, but not limited to, scanning, processing, vetting, and filling requests for departmentally held information and reports.
  • Completes all Arizona Criminal Justice Information Systems (ACJIS) functions following national and state mandates and instructions.
  • Operates desktop, laptop, network and secures system computers and other equipment as assigned.
  • Responds to incoming telephone calls by routing or resolving them according to protocol or as trained.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

View the Records Specialist Job Description


The Scottsdale Police Department utilizes an on-line computerized pre-employment test platform to measure the skills and abilities a person needs to possess prior to any training they might receive if they are hired as a Records Specialist.

The test requires applicants to read and follow instructions, as well as listen over a headset. All tests are self-scoring.

The skills tested by the Scottsdale Police Department include the following:

  1. Data Entry - measures speed and accuracy in entering alpha and numeric data, including address and phone number.
  2. Keyboarding - measures typing speed and accuracy using a computer keyboard.


The typical training for a Records Specialists lasts approximately 9-12 months. During this time the trainee rotates through the various tasks, taking on more responsibility as training progresses. Since the trainee rotates to different trainers, the shift worked may also change. Training hours are likely day shift, 5 eight hour days or 4 ten hour days, and may change to accommodate training needs. Training timelines can range based on the business need.

If this is a position you are interested in, know that there are many satisfying and rewarding aspects to the position.

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