Uniformed Services Bureau

The Scottsdale Police Department's Uniformed Services Bureau is the most visible component of the police department, consisting of the patrol and specialty units you see on city streets and in neighborhoods.

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While the majority of our patrol officers work in our patrol and traffic enforcement sections, we also staff specialty units including a K9 Unit, Mounted Unit and Bicycle Unit.

Our School Resource Officer Unit provides service for the students and staff at more than 30 schools.

The City of Scottsdale has used photo enforcement technology since 1996 to supplement police department efforts to reduce red-light running and speeding.

Learn about our photo enforcement program

Scottsdale off-duty police officers can be hired by the public to perform security and traffic control services. Officers are often hired to provide security and traffic control at large and small events, traffic control for projects in the roadway, security for meetings, and many other situations.

Hiring an Off-Duty Officer

Investigative Services Bureau

Scottsdale Police Department's Investigative Services Bureau comprises the investigative, forensic and crime prevention units focused on preventing crimes, and solving crimes that occur in Scottsdale.

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Operational Services Bureau

The Operational Services Bureau supports the department logistically and administratively, handles recruitment and personnel, strategic planning, police records and crime analysis.

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Police Department

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