Whether you’re commuting to work on public transit or using the city’s free trolley system to navigate through Old Town, a number of easily accessible, eco-friendly options are always just around the corner in Scottsdale. Valley Metro maintains 11 bus routes throughout the city, as well as paratransit services, including the city-funded Cab Connection program, which helps seniors and people with disabilities use local taxi services at a reduced rate.


Bikes and Paths

Scottsdale has been a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community since 2011. Local cyclists enjoy an abundance of dedicated bike lanes and paths throughout the city, as well bike tours around town and scenic trails throughout the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Scottsdale’s Transportation Master Plan demonstrates the city’s commitment to expanding its cyclability in the years to come.


Stabilization for Street Maintenance Unpaved Assets

Scottsdale’s Street Operations Division maintains public roads, sidewalks, traffic signals and the city’s traffic management system. Street ops crews are dispatched around the city on a daily basis for maintenance projects, including street sweeping, storm drainage cleanup, traffic signal and streetlight repairs, as well as dust control efforts on unpaved roads and alleyways.


LED Signals and Streetlights

The use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for traffic signal lamps is an example of Scottsdale's commitment to innovation and cost savings. The average life of an incandescent lamp is one year as compared to a life expectancy of an LED lamp, which is up to ten years. These lights require less maintenance, greatly reduced power consumption and less risk to technicians and motorists due to reduced repair times.


Regional Trip Reduction

Old Town Scottsdale is a growing hub for business, culture and entertainment. People want to be here and that means parking is sometimes at a premium. The city is committed to helping local businesses and residents take advantage of the area’s parking and transit resources.


Dust-reducing street sweepers

Clean air is an important concern for people living in the valley. Scottsdale has invested in a fleet of six PM-10 certified street sweepers, which clean all curbed streets in the city on a monthly basis, while reducing the dust emissions caused by previous industry-standard vehicles.


Heavy Metal: Scottsdale Street Sweeper
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