Free Interactive Water Education Presentation

Scottsdale offers free interactive, inquiry-based water education presentations to schools located within its water delivery area. The presentations are available for the grade levels listed below. Presentations include hands-on activities that are designed to increase water awareness and encourage water stewardship. The activities correlate to the Arizona Academic Standards.

The Thunderstorm and the Globe Toss - In part I of this program, students simulate the sounds of a thunderstorm. They understand that a thunderstorm is part of nature and, oftentimes, is the signal of rain to come. Part II is a hands-on activity that focuses on water quantity. Students are engaged in a globe toss to help them determine the quantity of fresh water on our planet. A water-conservation discussion follows and concludes with the CD, 'H20 for Kids.'

Desert Plants and Water - In Part I of this program, students learn about desert plants and their strategies for survival, with an emphasis on water retention. In Part II, students construct a bracelet to help them recall plant requirements for growth and survival. And in Part III, students will make a garden-in-a-cup. Throughout the lesson, the importance of water is emphasized. 

Building Dams - This activity is designed to teach students about watersheds, surface water, and the storage capacity of dams. Students will work together as teams to design a dam that will store water for three minutes. From: Water in our Desert Community Activities AZ Academic Standards: Strand 3: Concept 1: PO 1
The Incredible Journey - Students become water molecules traveling through the water cycle. Participants begin to understand the hydrological processes by studying condensation, precipitation, evaporation, infiltration, and transpiration. From: Project WET Curriculum & Activity Guide. 

Benthic Bugs and Bioassessment - This simulation activity is rich in both science and math. Working in teams, students analyze the water quality of various streams by identifying the resident macro-invertebrates that are present. From: Project WET Curriculum & Activity Guide. 

H2O Olympics - Students teams compete in a series of fun, hands-on water-related activities to explore water's amazing structure. This program, from Project WET, is rich in science methodology. It engages students in critical-thinking skills including prediction, experimentation, observation, data collection, and conclusion.

Contact the presenter, Linda Dee at 602-292-6377 or email, or Jill Brumand at 480-312-5473 or email.

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Interactive Classroom Presentations (PDF)

Free Booklets for Teachers and Students

The Water Conservation Office offers free Project WET Kids and Channing Bete Co. booklets to schools located within the Scottsdale water delivery area. These booklets make excellent handouts to complement school curriculum.

Celebrate Wetlands
Using everyday items such as coffee, filters, sponges, celery, and food coloring, students learn about wetlands. An 11" x 16" poster reminds students of the many spectacular plant and animal species of the wetlands. Ages 8-12

Discover Ground Water and Springs
Through interactive lessons such as filling glasses with sand, gravel, and clay, students learn the principles related to water flow. Watershed animals, hot and cold springs, and everyday water uses are vividly illustrated and demonstrated. Ages 8-12

Discover the Colorado River
Through this introduction to the Colorado watershed students play geography games, do experiments, create hydrographs, use reading and drawing skills, and practice higher-level thinking. Topics include Colorado basin cultures, history, art, hydrology, water management, conservation, and geography. Ages 8-12

Discover the Waters of Arizona

Discovering Drought
How can there be a drought in a rain forest, or in a desert? What exactly is a drought? Learn these answers and more, such as what role snow pack and groundwater play, droughts around the world and throughout history, predicting and planning for drought, plant and animal adaptations, and dendrochronology (study of tree rings). Ages 8-12

Explore Sagebrush Prairie
Explore the Sagebrush Prairie ecosystem of the Western United States where a region of minimal rainfall yields a great diversity of life. Through mazes, math, and mapping, students will learn about a multitude of animals and plants as well as the importance of the ecosystem to human populations over time. Ages 8-12

Healthy Water Healthy People
This colorful activity booklet is for fourth- through seventh-grade students. Through informative text, activities, investigations, and experiments, the Healthy Water Healthy People booklet is designed to illustrate water quality topics and make them intriguing, relevant, and fun for students. Ages 8-12

Save Water – and Enjoy It!
If you want to get kids involved in water treatment and conservation, get them involved in this unique book. With all the puzzles, coloring pages, and other challenges, it won't be hard! Ages 6-9

Water Every Drop Counts
Students will explore the hydrologic cycle, worldwide water quantity, basic water Quality issues, water and personal health, and how water connects people worldwide. All activities reinforce the message that when it comes to water, every drop counts! Ages 8-12

Watershed Protection
What is a watershed? How can you protect a watershed using simple, everyday actions? Who manages a watershed? What watershed habitats support different plants and animals? Learn the answers to these questions and more through this interactive booklet. Kids can even become a certified Watershed Hero! Ages 8-12

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Scottsdale Water offers free booklets to its students. Schools located within the Scottsdale Water service area are eligible to receive the booklets while supplies last.

These booklets help stimulate the understanding of water-related topics through creative and hands-on investigations, stories, games and experiments.

Indicate the number of booklets per title you would like.

Alternatively, books can be ordered by email or by calling 480-312-5651.

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