WaterSmart Portal

WaterSmart is a free water monitoring portal for all Scottsdale Water Customers. It provides the ability to view and manage water usage for individual water account(s).

Customers can:

  • See water use data via comprehensive graphics
  • Use the online leak assistance tool
  • Receive water saving tips
  • Download water use data
  • Sign-up for notifications and customize communication preferences
  • To determine if your service address is eligible for leak alerts, jump to the Getting Hourly Water Use Data

Sign-up and Login

How do I login to WaterSmart through my Online Utility Account?

Scottsdale combined WaterSmart with one of its most popular services. Since more than 50% of Scottsdale’s utility customers have an Online Utility Account, Scottsdale Water utilizes the Online Utility Account platform for customer access to WaterSmart. Once you are signed up for the Online Utility Account, you can go back and forth between the two services without re-entering a password.

How to login to WaterSmart

  1. Login to Online Utilities Account
  2. Click on the blue WaterSmart button  to the left of the screen

Login to Online Utilities Account

If I sign up to get WaterSmart, do I have to pay my utility bill online? Can I continue to receive paper bills?

Customers can continue to receive and pay bills as normal. Be sure to update your preference in “Account Preferences”

How to continue to receive a paper bill:

  1. Login to Online Utilities Account
  2. Click "Account Preferences"
  3. Check the option "Send both a printed and email utility bill (not eligible for paperless credit of $0.25)"
  4. Save your preferences

Login to Online Utilities Account

I am a new utilities account holder and I can’t see WaterSmart after logging in to my Online Utilities Account.

WaterSmart will not activate online until after the first billing cycle. After this, your water use data will display.

How do I get back to my Online Utility Billing Account from WaterSmart?

To be redirected to your Online Utilities Account

  1. Click the "$ Billing" tab
  2. Click "Click here to pay"

Note: You may navigate in your Online Utilities Account as usual and if you wish to make a payment, proceed to the payment tab.

Getting hourly water use data

Scottsdale is currently changing from monthly water meter reads to hourly reads using Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This is a complex process based on digital signal distancing, physical location of needed receiver infrastructure and resource availability. This is a multi-year process with an expected completion date of June 2029.

As of June 2024, approximately 55% of Scottsdale's water customers have access to hourly data. View the map below to see how Scottsdale Water is expanding its AMI capabilities.

AMI Area Map

Enter your address in the box to get more details to view your AMI status.

What is AMI Technology?

Water use data from a water meter is encrypted and securely transmitted through Scottsdale’s Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI). This same data is then displayed by WaterSmart for customer review.

Once a customer has AMI data, they can better manage their water usage. The goal of Scottsdale’s AMI network is to enhance customer service, increase water-use efficiency, and provide more options for customers to understand how they use their water.

I only see my monthly water usage; how can I see it hourly?

Scottsdale is working diligently to give its customers more transparency on their water consumption by providing hourly water use data. Currently, most customers can only view their water use in monthly totals. As of June 2023, approximately 50% of Scottsdale's water customers have access to hourly data. Scottsdale expects to transition most customers to AMI by June 2025.

To confirm you can only view monthly data in WaterSmart, click on the “Home” tab, then “View use.” If the top graphic is labeled “Overview” then you only have monthly data. If the top graphic has tabs labeled, “Hourly, Overview and Leaks” then you should have hourly data.

If you have multiple properties, you may have some with hourly and some with monthly water use data. Individual accounts without the associated infrastructure for data transfer cannot have hourly data until the AMI infrastructure is put in place.

WaterSmart Data Analytics

How do I download my water use data?

Customers can download meter readings from the WaterSmart Customer Portal

  1. Click the "Settings" dropdown menu
  2. Click "Download Your Data"
Can I get automatic notifications for Bill Forecast and Unplanned Use?

Yes, there are opt-in notifications for Bill Forecast and Unplanned Use for AMI hourly customers.

  1. Click the "Settings" dropdown menu and select "Account Settings"
  2. Enter "Phone Number"
  3. Click "Setting" and select "Communication Preferences"
  4. Check off the box(es) for the notification(s) you would like to receive.

You can get messages via email, text and/or voice message. These notifications are regarding your water utility account, water use and utility announcements.

Note: A customer must op-in to these non-leak alert notifications in WaterSmart communication settings to receive them.

Can I get leak alerts?

For specific meters this is a newly enabled automatic feature through the WaterSmart notification system. If you have a single-family residential water account and have an hourly AMI enabled meter, a leak notification will be sent via email or text if the system identifies a use of 8 gallons of water or more per hour for 72 or more consecutive hours. This exciting WaterSmart feature will notify homeowners of unusual water use and assist them in preventing unexpected, high water bills. AMI meter Infrastructure has been established for approximately 50% of accounts and more are being added every month.

Learn more about leak alerts by watching the WaterSmart Leak Alert Workshop. The workshop discusses how to determine if you have a smaller than current threshold continuous leak as well as when “data unavailable” may prevent a leak alert from occurring and what to do about it.

Leak alerts are not yet activated for other types of accounts such as commercial or multifamily, but they are currently undergoing evaluation.

Note: A customer must check, “unsubscribe from all non-urgent WaterSmart communications” in WaterSmart communication settings to opt-out of leak alerts.

Why does it say, “data unavailable” or my hourly data is missing?

If your hourly data stopped displaying water use, there could be multiple causes. Water from rainstorms or excess irrigation in the meter boxes can disrupt signals and equipment may need a few days to dry out before signal transmission can be restored. Meter boxes may also fill with dirt, a transmitter battery may die, or critters may chew through wires disabling data transmission.

WaterSmart provides useful supplemental information like hourly data, but it is not used for billing purposes and is susceptible to intermittent outages. Continue to review your monthly utility statement for the total water use for that monthly billing cycle even if you signed up to receive water use notifications. You may want to conduct manual leak checks when data is not available.

If you find more than a week has passed without any hourly data and you have been using water, contact the Water Department at 480-312-5650 and request your WaterSmart data be restored. We request your patience for repairs as they are performed on a first-come, first serve basis and are dependent on supply availability.

Why is my water use all over the place?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates the average water use is 100 gallons per person per day, though it may go up and down depending on daily activities. Included in that 100 gallons per day is irrigation, appliances, general consumption, etc. Approximate gallons for different activities:

  • Laundry: 30-40 gallon per load
  • 10-minute shower: 25 gallons
  • Outdoor irrigation: 100 to 2,000 gallons per day, depending on the watering method and the system size.
    • Outdoor irrigation is typically the largest water use in our desert environment. Consider signing up for a free Outdoor Water Efficiency Check by calling 480-312-5650. A Water Conservation Specialist will walk your property with you and show you ways to conserve water in your landscape. The customer must be present during the check, which can last up to 1.5 hours.
Why does my neighbor use less water than me if we have the same things?

Oftentimes it is related to irrigation water use and/or a leak. Irrigation systems can vary significantly on how much water they apply to the landscape, even if they run the same length of time. Sometimes there are indoor leaks, more visitors, or personal habits that can make a difference in water use.

For help on finding leaks, view instructions in the Smart Home Water Guide.

What if the hourly water usage data does not match the amount on my bill?

Billing consumption data is pulled each month at a certain time and day depending on each customer’s bill date cycle. In contrast, the WaterSmart portal reflects 24 hours of water use data each day from the previous day. Therefore, the two numbers will rarely if ever match perfectly due to different timeframes.

Is the hourly water use data real-time?

The data is “near-real time” but not immediate. Data is transmitted once per day to the WaterSmart portal so you can view data from yesterday. The portal uploads typically take place around 5 p.m., so you may notice only partial water usage available for the most recent day. If you need real time data, it is always in best practice to read your water meter. To learn how to read the meter and calculate your water usage in real-time, find instructions in the Smart Home Water Guide.

Water use occurred and I wasn’t home?

There are several reasons for water use when you’re not home. Often, it is the irrigation system or another timed device such as a water softener or automatic pool fill. Make sure to be aware of these timed devices. On occasion, when someone is out-of-town, friendly neighbors may “help” by watering plants or cleaning driveways. However, it could also be an indoor leak; toilet leaks are common. For help on finding leaks, view instructions in the Smart Home Water Guide.


Online utility registration, Utility FAQs, Utility Billing: 480-312-2461 or email.

WaterSmart analytics and data review, Water Conservation: 480-312-5650 or email.

Last Updated: Jul 3, 2024

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