Builder Incentives

Technical Assistance - Development process and technical assistance is provided during the qualification and plan review approval process.

Green Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy - Once plans are approved under the green building rating checklist, a green building permit is issued and inspections commence. Upon completion of the building, a Green Building Compliance Certificate is completed and a Green Certificate of Occupancy is issued which becomes a permanent record of the city.

Job site signs - City green building construction job site signs are available for builders to help distinguish their projects from others. This serves as a billboard to inform the general public of the builder's commitment to environmentally responsible building and the long-term health of the community.

Directory of participating designers and builders - Participating architects, designers and builders are listed and published in promotional materials. The listing is on the city website and made part of green building information packets at public events.

Homeowner’s manual - The green building program requires the builder to provide a green building homeowner’s manual. The purpose of the manual is to explain the features and benefits of green building, including energy, water, indoor environmental health, and resource efficiency. The homeowner’s manual includes the Green Building Compliance Certificate, list of green features, product literature and manufacturer’s manuals for all installed heating and cooling equipment, lighting and plumbing fixtures and kitchen/laundry appliances. Assistance is available from city green building staff in preparation of the manual.

Promotional package for builders/developers - Promotional packages include green building logo for ads, program brochures, and green home buyers guide. The Green Building Program has additional literature in the area of energy efficiency, indoor water efficiency, drought tolerant landscaping, indoor environmental quality and resource efficiency.

Educational programs - The city of Scottsdale sponsors a green building lecture series that features information and resources in the areas of site use, energy, building materials, indoor environmental quality, water and waste reduction.

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