Solid Waste Services in Scottsdale is dedicated to delivering a complete array of trash and recycling collection services specifically designed for businesses, contractors, and multi-family residential developments across the city.

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Competitive Rates

We base our rates on the cost of providing service and evaluate them annually, so you won’t be subject to surprise rate increases.

Front Load Commercial Containers

Container SizeMonthly Collection FeeRecycling
2 yard$102.73$79.00
3 yard$110.51$83.03
4 yard$118.65$87.08
5 yard$126.13N/A
6 yard$133.91$95.14
8 yard$145.38$103.23

Additional TRASH containers of two or more will be discounted at a flat 10%; discount applied to the least expensive container/pull combined bill.

Roll-Off Commercial Containers

Container SizeTrash per CollectionRecycling
20,30,40 yard$569.10N/A
Compactor Surcharge$50.00 Per PullN/A

Any additional costs incurred by the city for the disposal of Trash containers with loads of more than three (3) tons shall be an additional charge of $46.40 per ton to the commercial roll-off customer.

Plastic Commercial Containers

Container SizeTrash per CollectionRecycling
90 GallonN/A$11.11
300 GallonN/A$36.33

Consolidated billing

Monthly service charges are included with your City of Scottsdale utility bill, so one bill and one check takes care of your water/sewer and solid waste disposal charges.

Customer service

We not only work in the community, we're a part of it, and we take pride in providing “Simply Better Service for a World Class Community.”

Here’s how you will experience that:

  • We maintain and repair all commercial containers at no additional cost
  • We provide service on all holidays except Christmas day
  • If your container is blocked, we will try to contact you to make sure you get the service you are paying for
Commercial Trash Collection
  • Commercial collection bins are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard sizes
    • Easy-lift plastic lids are standard
    • Rolling containers and locks are available
  • Collection is available from one to six days per week to meet the needs of your business
  • We also offer commercial roll-off services for large jobs: see below.
Commercial Recycling Collection

Commercial recycling services are available at an extra fee to businesses and multifamily residential complexes that contract with the city for trash collection service.

Our commercial recycling program accepts the same recyclables accepted through our residential program. List of Accepted Recyclables

Roll-Off Collection

We offer 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard roll-off containers for businesses, construction, industrial or large residential clean-up projects.

  • Basic per dump service fees include the first 3 tons of weight, anything above 3 tons is billed in addition based on the city’s contracted landfill tipping fees
  • Service is provided five days per week
  • All roll-off containers are 8 feet wide and about 20 feet long
    • 20 yard boxes are 4 feet tall
    • 30 yards are 6 feet tall
    • 40 yards are 8 feet tall
  • We also provide service for privately-owned compactors

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2024

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