Streets in a number of locations in Scottsdale are subject to flooding, and in some cases closure, during severe storm events which necessitates the use of alternative transportation routes. Residents of the city are encouraged to be aware of street locations of potential flooding or closure and to determine alternate routes to be used in times of flooding. The maps below show locations of potential street flooding or closures to assist in this effort. These maps should be used in conjunction with street maps to determine potential alternate transportation routes.

  • North Scottsdale Map of Potential Problem Flooding Areas (PDF) - The bulk of the problem locations are on Scottsdale and Pima Roads which carry much of the north-south traffic in North Scottsdale. Alternate routes for Scottsdale Road may include 56th Street, 64th Street, Tatum Boulevard and Cave Creek Road in the City of Phoenix. Alternate routes for Pima Road may include Hayden Road and north-south residential streets. Current street maps should be reviewed for the availability of alternate streets.
  • South Scottsdale Map of Potential Problem Flooding Areas (PDF) - Most of the problem locations are associated with Indian Bend Wash as it affects Hayden Road and major east-west streets intersecting Hayden Road. Alternate routes include Pima Road and Scottsdale Road.
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