Account Establishment Fees
Line items in each column on the first bill for each new customer at that service address. These fees cover the cost of beginning the new account, in the amount approved by city council.
Az Wtr Quality Tax
Arizona water quality tax was passed by the State of Arizona 09/27/1990. This tax is based on the amount of water used during the period covered, it is a direct tax by the state, to be paid to the state water quality assurance revolving fund for water quality improvement projects. Any questions regarding this tax should be directed to the Department of Environmental Quality at 602-771-4756.
Balance Forward
Includes any prior billing amount unpaid at the time of the regular billing, including but not limited to late fees, lien fees, returned check charges, and/or disconnect fees assessed. Any amount itemized on a previous statement may be added together for a single line item in this area.
Bank Returned Check Fee
A $25.00 fee for any check returned unpaid by the bank. To satisfy the debt, payment must be made in cash or by certified check and must include the $25.00 returned check fee. We may resubmit your check electronically.
Base Fee
This is a monthly charge for each meter connected to the city's water line, whether or not any domestic water is used. Base fees are determined by meter size. This does not include costs associated with the water usage or consumption at the property for the period covered, but rather for the cost of the system which provides the service to the property.
To comply with federal regulations, the City of Scottsdale notifies users about that portion of their charges which is attributable to the capital costs used to provide sanitary sewer service, (i.e. construction facilities such as mains and capital improvement projects).
City Tax
Applicable current city tax rate as approved by city council.
Conservation Information
Located on the back of most utility statements, this information is provided by the City's water conservation office, and includes water use comparisons and year-to-date usage. Also see high water usage.
Current Meter Reading
Is displayed on the utility statement. This is the read which was obtained by viewing the meter on the last date of the "period covered" on the statement.
Customer Service Charge
This is a direct cost to sewer customers, for maintenance of the sewer account. It is that portion of the bill that does not contribute to either capital or operations and maintenance of the wastewater system.
Due Date
Utility statements are due 20 days after the "Bill Date" listed on your utility statement. Your payment must be received in our office before the due date. Please allow at least five days for processing if mailing your payment or using the drop boxes. Failure to make payments prior to the due date may result in service disconnection and/or the filing of a lien against the property. If you dispute any amount shown, you may telephone, write or visit our office.
Late Fees
A late charge of 1.5% of the past due balance or $5.00, whichever is greater, will be assessed on any balance forward greater than $10.00.
Meter Size
Is displayed on the utility statement, it indicates the size of the meter being billed on the account. The "base fees" in the "water" column are determined by this meter size.
O & M
Is the term "operations and maintenance". To comply with federal regulations the City of Scottsdale notifies users about that portion of their payment which is attributable to the cost of day-to-day collection and treatment of the sewage. Also see "capital" above.
Payment Arrangement Due
Line item on some utility statements, this is usually the result of either debit charges made by utility billing to correct previously under-billed amounts, or a payment arrangement in certain circumstances for amounts previously billed.
Period Covered
Displayed on the utility statement these dates indicate the dates covered by that bill. This reflects the end date of the prior bill to the date of the current meter read. The first day of the period covered is not counted in the number of days billed.
Scottsdale Cares
Scottsdale Cares is a program for voluntary donations, administered by the City of Scottsdale Human Services Division, it appears in several places on the utility statement, giving customers the opportunity to contribute $1.00 with each utility payment.
Service Address
Line item on the utility statement that indicates the address at which the service is provided.
That term which is described as either the wastewater from residences, buildings, establishments, plants or industries, or the pipe or conduit which carries sewage to the pretreatment facility. The sewer fees on your utility statement include the "capital", "O & M", and "customer service charge" as defined above.
Solid Waste
That term which is described as either the trash, debris, filth and all other manner of discarded materials, or the process by which they are collected. Collection includes recyclable materials, brush, and bulk rubbish. Fees and charges are based on service at a rate approved by city council.
State Recycle Fee
Is based on solid waste collection charges. It was mandated by the state and became effective September 1990. This fee is paid to the Department of Environmental Quality to promote and fund the state's research, education and implementation of recycling policies.
State Tax
Applicable current state tax rate as approved by state legislature.
The Stormwater charge is used to develop and maintain a citywide cost-effective and efficient drainage system. More information on, search "stormwater"
Turn Off Fee
When the city turns off or attempts to turn off water service due to non-payment of a past due amount, the user is assessed a $75.00 penalty whether or not the city is physically able to turn off the service.
Usage Fee
This fee is associated with the water consumption for the period covered. This is in addition to the base fee for providing the water service to the property. Also see high water usage.
Usage in Gallons
This is displayed on the utility statement. It is determined by the current read of the water meter, less the last read of the same meter, with the difference multiplied by the correct multiplier indicated on the statement.

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2024

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