How does the city monitor micro mobility devices?
Scottsdale does not have agreements with individual bike or scooter share companies and does not charge a fee to operate in the city. City staff conducts field inspections to quickly address concerns with micro mobility use and parking. Staff works proactively with micro mobility companies to address and resolve parking issues. The city encourages the community to report improperly parked scooters on Scottsdale EZ. When you submit a report via Scottsdale EZ it is immediately shared with the company contact and city staff. This helps companies dispatch crews faster and allows city staff to track citizen concerns. You may also contact the companies directly, however city staff will not be notified about these concerns, which could impact our evaluation of the company’s performance.
Can I ride electric mini-scooters on streets and in bike lanes?
Yes, they may be ridden on streets or roads with speed limits less than 40 miles per hour, including in bike lanes.
Are electric mini-scooters allowed on shared use paths and sidewalks?
Yes, they are allowed on public shared-use paths and sidewalks if the scooters are operated with care and at a safe speed to avoid colliding with pedestrians and objects. Avoid riding on the covered sidewalks in Old Town Scottsdale as they are private property and crowded with pedestrians, furniture and items for sale.
Does the City of Scottsdale have a partnership with any bike or electric mini-scooter sharing companies?
No. All bike and electric mini-scooter sharing companies are private businesses that operate in a public environment, similar to automobile ride sharing companies.
Are motorized and electric bicycles allowed on multiuse paths and sidewalks?
Electric bicycles are divided into three classes. Class 1 and 2 electric bicycles are allowed on multiuse paths and sidewalks, but class 3 electric bicycles are not. In general, Class 1 and 2 provide assistance up to 20 miles per hour, and Class 3 at more than 20 miles per hour. Do not ride on the covered sidewalks in Old Town Scottsdale.
Is it okay to park shared electric mini-scooters and bikes in bike racks?
Yes, it is okay to park them in bike racks, but, if possible, park them next to bike racks or in designated parking areas to leave space in racks for devices that must be secured with a lock.
How can I report bicycles or electric mini scooters left in my yard or parked in the middle of the sidewalk?
The fastest and most effective way to report parking violations is to use Scottsdale EZ, the city’s one-stop report-a-problem application. Please provide detailed information about the issue (location, frequency of occurrence or ongoing concern at your location, company name). The application will forward your report to the micro mobility company contact and city staff. This helps companies dispatch crews faster and allows city staff to track citizen concerns. You may also contact the companies directly, however city staff will not be notified about these concerns, which could impact our evaluation of the company’s performance.
How long do the companies have to move an illegally parked bike or scooter?
Devices should be removed immediately upon notification and can be cited if not removed. Inoperable devices must be removed within two hours after notification.
Who should I call if I see someone riding a bike or scooter in an unsafe manner?
If the rider is moving through the area, there is little the city can do. If there is a persistent problem with riding in a particular area, please call the police non-emergency line at 480-312-5000 and the call will be prioritized for response by the police department.
Are helmets required when riding bikes, electric mini-scooters, skateboards or other play vehicles?
All users are encouraged to use helmets. However, adults are not legally required to wear helmets. Children are required to wear helmets when riding motorized skateboards or motorized play vehicles, but they are not required to wear them when riding electric mini-scooters or bicycles.
Can two people ride together on an electric mini-scooter?
It is not illegal for two people to ride together unless they are riding in a reckless manner.
Is it legal to operate electric mini-scooters or motorized or electric bikes while under the influence of alcohol?
It is illegal to operate motorized bikes or scooters while under the influence of alcohol. It is okay to ride a non-motorized bike while under the influence of alcohol, as long as it is being ridden in a safe manner.

Rules for parking and riding

The ordinance provides these rules for parking these devices:

Keep sidewalks open for pedestrians:
Do not park devices on public sidewalks in areas that obstruct the portion used primarily by pedestrians.
The owner is required to keep devices properly parked:
The owner – whether an individual or a company – is responsible for making sure their devices are parked properly. Devices should be parked in racks or designated parking areas.
Devices should be operable and used:
The ordinance makes it illegal for devices to remain at the same location on public property for more than 72 consecutive hours. Improperly parked, inoperable or abandoned devices may be impounded.
Don’t park too many devices together:
To reduce the amount of visual clutter, the ordinance seeks to properly space parking of devices – a maximum of 5 devices from the same owner can be parked within 200 feet of each other.
Respect private property:
Devices can only be on private property with permission of the property owner (except in commercial or multi-family residential properties within common area bike racks and designated bicycle parking zones).
Obey traffic laws:
All bicycles and scooters, electric or otherwise, must obey traffic laws, including always yielding to pedestrians. Scooters and bicycles can be ridden on a public sidewalk, multiuse path, or roadway at a safe speed to avoid colliding with people, cars and objects around them.
Know where to ride:
Motorized scooters are prohibited on streets (including bike lanes) with speed limits of 40 miles per hour or greater. Class 1 (pedal-assist only, up to 20 mph) and Class 2 (no pedaling required, up to 20 mph) e-bikes are allowed on paved pathways. Class 3 (pedal-assist only, up to 28 mph) e-bikes are not allowed on paved pathways; riders are encouraged to use designated city bike lanes for travel.
Don’t Drink and Ride:
The city ordinance prohibits riding electric bikes and scooters recklessly and while under the influence of alcohol. Persons violating this ordinance provision are subject to arrest and possible jail time.
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