This webpage provides information and resources on the Scottsdale sign ordinance, sign resources, regulations for specific sign types, master sign programs, sign permit application, sign plan review, and sign inspections.

Property Information Request

Find information about a property by entering the address or the Maricopa County Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) in the link below. Information on the property’s zoning, permits, cases and other property records are readily available. Use this tool to submit your sign questions, or to request a copy of a master sign program (MSP) if a MSP cannot be found searching Master Sign Case Files or the Master Sign Program Map.

Property Information Request

Master Sign Programs

To search for a city-approved master sign program for development, and to obtain information and requirements on master sign programs (MSP), comprehensive sign programs (CSP), and community sign districts (CSD); along with information on the process of creating a new sign program, amending an existing sign program, and rescinding outdated sign programs visit our master sign programs page

Master Sign Programs

Sign Ordinance & Resources

The Scottsdale Sign Ordinance is the official set of requirements and standards that govern the permanent and temporary sign requirements of the city. It is officially known as Article VIII – Sign Requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.

Article VIII - Sign Requirements

Sign Ordinance Requirements

Sign Ordinance Resources

To assist with navigating and understanding the Sign Ordinance, refer to the list of resources below, which will help determine the appropriate building and freestanding sign requirements.

Property Information Request
Look up a property to determine the zoning district.

Scottsdale Parcel Information Map
Look up a property to view the property’s zoning, aerial, property lines, and easements.

Transportation Master Plan
Look up the street classification to determine freestanding sign applicability and requirements.

Maricopa County Assessor Parcel Map
Measure the property line length to determine freestanding sign applicability and requirements.

Utility Company Approval Contacts
List of utility company contacts if a freestanding sign is proposed in a public utility easement (PUE).

Intersection & Driveway Sight Distance (PDF)
Calculate the sight visibility triangles for intersections and for driveways.

Regulations for Specific Sign Types

This section provides information and regulations on the most commonly-requested sign types.

Private Property Signs
Information on private property compliance signage: Dog Waste Disposal Signs, Restricted Parking & Towing Signs, Accessible Parking Signs for the Physically Disabled, and No Trespassing Signs.

Temporary Banner Signs
Requirements and application for temporary banners.

Temporary Real Estate and Development Signs
Information and requirements on real estate signs, development signs, and off-premise residential activity signs.

Prohibited Temporary Signs
Illegal temporary signs managed by the City’s Code Enforcement Department.

Campaign/Political Signs
Requirements for Campaign Signs (also known as Political Signs).

Event Directional Signage
Banner requirements for permitted events managed by the City’s Tourism and Events Department.

Traffic Control and Street Signs
Requirements and standards for traffic control signs, traffic signals, and city street signs managed by the City’s Transportation Department.

Addressing & Premises Identification
Minimum requirements for address numbers required by the Fire Code. Refer to the International Fire Code (IFC) Section 505 – Premises Identification.

The One Stop Shop will not process incomplete sign permit applications. Refer to Page 3 of 5 of the Sign Permit Application for minimum submittal requirements. For online digital sign submittals, please upload a completed Sign Permit Application in PDF format.

Additional Requirements

  • An Arizona-licensed general contractor or Arizona-licensed sign contractor is required to install sign(s) for commercial properties.
  • Arizona Revised Statutes Section 9-835(D) requires an Administrative Review & Acceptance of applications at the One Stop Shop prior to advancing to a Substantive Review.
  • Sign Plan Review Fees (see Plan Review - Miscellaneous Plans fee schedule) are collected when the sign application is Administratively Accepted at the One Stop Shop.
  • If the sign application is Administratively Accepted, the application advances to the Plan Review (Substantive Review) process.
  • The Administrative Review time frame is five (5) calendar days, however, the One Stop Shop has an Administrative Review processing goal of one (1) business day for online submittals, and an Administrative Review processing goal of approximately 15 minutes for an in-person submittal at the One Stop Shop.

Step 2: Plan Review (Substantive Review)

  • Substantive Review Time Frame: seven (7) calendar days per review cycle.
  • There are no expedited plan review services.
  • The One Stop Shop does not provide over-the-counter sign plan review services.


  1. Once the application is reviewed by City Staff, if the application has corrections, the applicant is notified by the One Stop Shop to pick-up the corrections. The applicant corrects the plans, and then resubmits the revised plans at the One Stop Shop.
  2. To reduce the number of trips to the City, a sign permit application can be submitted online using the Digital Plan Submittal Program. If there are corrections, the applicant can download the corrections digitally online. The plans can be digitally resubmitted online, without ever having to visit the City to resubmit plans.
  3. After the application is reviewed by City Staff, and if the application is approved, the applicant is notified by the One Stop Shop to pick-up the approved plans in-person (sign permits cannot be issued online).
  4. Sign Permit Fees (see Permits - Miscellaneous Bldg fee schedule) are paid in-person at the One Stop Shop, and a sign permit inspection card is issued to the applicant.

Digital Plan Submittal Program

Check Plan Review Status

Step 3: Inspections


After the sign permit is issued, the applicant has 180 days to schedule and obtain the first inspection, or the permit will expire. Each proceeding inspection must occur within 180 days of the last inspection. A fee is required to reinstate an expired permit.

  • City approved plans are to remain on the job site during construction, and accessible for the City building inspector.
  • After the installation of the sign(s), the applicant schedules an inspection through the Inspection Services Department.
  • A City building inspector visits the site to ensure the sign(s) are installed in compliance with the approved plans and codes.

Go to Inspection Services

Check Permit Status

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