A home occupation is permitted in single family zoning districts only as an ancillary use to the dwelling as a single family home. The following list reflects the minimum requirements necessary to qualify as a home occupation. It is provided for convenience only and does not replace the ordinance itself.

Visit Municode for the Home Occupation definition. Please contact Tax & License at 480-312-2400 for information on licensing a home occupation.

  1. The home occupation must be a secondary use of the dwelling unit and shall not alter the exterior of the building or affect the residential character of the neighborhood.
  2. No one who does not reside in the dwelling unit may be employed by the home occupation.
  3. No exterior display, no exterior storage, no signage and no other exterior indication of the home occupation is allowed.
  4. No part of the carport or garage or accessory buildings may be used for the home occupation.
  5. There shall be no commodity sold or exchanged upon the premises.
  6. No mechanical equipment is allowed except that would be normally used for domestic, hobby, standard office or household purposes.
  7. The home occupation shall not generate any inordinate pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
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