If a property owner wishes to build a fence, wall or freestanding sign within or across a Public Utility Easement (PUE) that crosses their property, written authorization to encroach within the easement with a fence, wall or sign must be obtained from each of the utility companies listed below. Refer to Scottsdale’s Online Parcel Information Map to reference dedicated easements.

Utility Co. ContactPhone/FaxEmail
APSCurtis LyonsP. 602-328-1342Email
SRPSRP Land Department Email
LumenNetwork Real Estate Email
COS Water Water DepartmentP. 480-312-5685Email
Cox Permitting GroupP. 623-328-2200Email
SWGMichelle GutierrezP. 702-365-2099  Email 
EpcorTodd VesledahlP. 480-521-5742Email

Updated 10/08/2023

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