Notice of Proposed New or Increased Citywide Rates and Fees - Fiscal Year 2024/25

Mar 11, 2024

In accordance with A.R.S. § 9-499.15, public notice is hereby given that the Scottsdale City Council may consider approving new citywide rates and fees and/or citywide rate and fee increases at a meeting in the City Hall Kiva, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, Arizona at 5 p.m. on May 14, 2024, but no sooner than 60 days after the posting date of this notice. Meetings are broadcast electronically through Cox Cable Channel 11 and streamed online at (search “live stream”). To find the agenda for this meeting and information about the opportunity for public participation and comment, visit and search “City Council agenda.”

Proposals could affect the following departments/divisions:  

  • Water Resources
  • Public Works – Solid Waste 
  • Community & Economic Development – Planning & Development Services
  • Community Services – Parks & Recreation and WestWorld
  • Public Safety – Police
  • City Court
  • City Attorney

A schedule of the proposed new fees and fee increases and the written report or data that supports the proposed fee changes can be found by clicking FY 2024/25 Proposed New Fees and/or Fee Increases (PDF) or visiting the Office of the City Clerk, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, Arizona. 

A copy of the written report supporting the revised schedule for water and wastewater rates, or rate components, fees, and services (PDF) was posted on the city’s website and in the Office of the City Clerk, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, Arizona on March 7, 2024.

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